Many entrepreneurs are looking for that killer app that kicks off their Unicorn company, and launches them into the stratosphere.

I've been working in voice for entirely too long, and found myself thinking like this: How do we combine all those fractured communication forms we now have? I get calls on my desk phone, soft phone, cell phone, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, not to mention conferencing apps like Skype, Zoom, Vidyo, Goto Meeting etc.

Most of these are application to application only. Many times I've asked what app people connect on. I've only got Messenger on my mobile because of truculent family members who won't use another app.  

So, what if I could create a technology that everyone could use? The people I'm trying to communicate with shouldn't need to change their work flow or download any applications. It needs to work on any communication device. I need to know that the message has got through, and not stuck in some spam filter purgatory. It needs to be fast, real time.

Brilliant, solve this, and I'm rich!

So some research... creating a real time, at a distance, confirmed, ubiquitous form of communication. To my dismay someone has already patented it!

In 1876. Some upstart called Alexander Graham Bell. Its called a "telephone".

Most everyone has a device that can receive and make a call, whether its the latest iPhone, Nokia chocolate block, or a rotary dial phone in great grandmas house. 

No application matching required, no downloads, just a phone call. When someone answers, and you talk, you know that the message is received, you can clarify any misunderstandings, and nothing gets stuck in the spam filter.

So we changed track a little. We're integrating that ubiquity into the modern workplace. We've developed Cloud Calling for Microsoft Teams, where you can combine the rich collaboration and deep integration of Microsoft Teams with the ubiquity of traditional voice services. Because Microsoft Teams is a cloud product we're delivering the service from the cloud, to match your procurement and delivery model.

The upshot? You get all the collaboration benefits of Microsoft Teams and the ability to contact anyone, anywhere, on any device, and know that the communication happened. The rest is up to you.