Network Device Configuration

When using Telesmart's network services, most devices should just work. However, some devices may require manual configuration. This page provides the settings you may need to configure your devices.

Internet Devices

These settings should be used for devices that need access to the internet, such as PCs and servers.

  • DNS Servers{{dns.join(', ')}}
  • NTP Servers {{Object.keys(ntp).join(', ')}}
    • {{server}}

    • {{ip}}

    Telesmart recommends configuring as many time servers as your client supports.

    Never configure only two time servers, as a difference of opinion in the correct time cannot be resolved.

  • Mail Server {{mail}}
  • Telesmart recommends that Telesmart network customers relay email messages via this server to avoid blacklisting issues. All Telesmart ISP customers are whitelisted to relay via this server without authentication.

    TLS encryption is supported by this server, but not required.

SIP Devices

These settings should be used for your SIP devices, such as IP phones and ATAs.

  • Primary SIP Server{{sip[0]}}
  • Secondary SIP Server{{sip[1]}}
  • SIP Port{{sipport}}
  • SRTP{{srtp}}
  • DNS Server{{sipdns.join(', ')}}
  • NTP Server{{sipntp.join(', ')}}