Protect your business from cyber-attacks, spam and malware

Cyber-attacks are constantly changing and the threat landscape is evolving

The need for a robust security strategy is more important than ever. Telesmart's Managed Security service provides a comprehensive security solution that protects your business from the latest threats.

Why Telesmart Managed Security?

Our 24/7 support team will ensure your network is always protected. Telesmart offers three core managed security solutions to protect you against the largest and most sophisticated attacks:

FeaturesBronze FirewallSilver FirewallGold Firewall
High availability firewall clustering
Static IP Address
NAT (Source NAT, Destination NAT, Static NAT)
Denial of service protection
Site to site IPSEC VPN
Telesmart managed with free changes
Manageable by customer
Client based dialup VPN (PPTP, L2TP, IPSEC, SSL)
25 Local Users and Groups
Web / Content Filtering
Web Application Firewall
Application Control
SSL Certificate Inspection
Client IPS Protection (Windows desktop, MACOS, Andriod, IOS etc)
Monthly standard security report
Custom scheduled and on demand security reporting
SSL Deep Packet Inspection, SSL offload and re-encryption
Directory Integration (Radius, LDAP, Active Directory)
Single Sign On User Authentication
Server IPS Protection (Windows server, Linux, MACOS Server etc)
Managed, customised FortiClient for desktop security
Sandbox integration for deep inspection of suspicious files

The Telesmart Advantage

Telesmart is a Fortinet Global Security Advocate Partner, with a team of proficient engineers who have many years of experience in using Fortinet solutions to secure our customers' networks.

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