Minimise office downtime by trusting us with your office network

Your LAN, which connects all your office devices to the network, is often overlooked – that is, until it stops working. With our fully managed LAN solution, we take away the pain of maintaining your environment. We can proactively monitor your internal network, both wired and wireless, and fix issues as they arise, sometimes before you’re even aware there’s a problem!  

With our carefully chosen wireless hardware, we can ensure you experience a great WiFi connection - wherever you are in the office. And if you want full visibility of your network, with Cisco Meraki we can give you a single pane of glass that lets you see and manage all your devices – LAN, WiFi and WAN – in one place. 


Telesmart provides Managed Local Area Network (LAN) Services to enable end to end delivery and support of our Voice and Video solutions.


Designed for challenging enterprise environments and uses WiFi 6 technology to deliver the thorough and reliable coverage required by demanding business applications.