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Get ready for Teams 2.0!

Geof Robinson, Chief Information Security Officer


For the past 5 months a new major version of Teams has been available as a preview. It's twice as fast, with half the memory, faster switching and scrolling is smoother, with less disk usage.

Streamline Your Business Communication with Teams Voice: A Comprehensive Guide to Voice Service Options

Geof Robinson, Chief Information Security Officer


When considering using the Phone System in Microsoft Teams to make and receive phone calls, the three options available to businesses are Microsoft Calling Plans, Operator Connect and Direct Routing.

GraphQL, Graph DB, Graph API - what's with all these Graphs?

Mark Honeychurch, Developer


Why do these technologies have the word Graph in them, and how are they related? Here is a very simple breakdown of what each of these technologies does, and what it is useful for.

Businesses should take time to learn the lessons of the Covid-19 lockdown

Geof Robinson, Chief Information Security Officer


There are five key considerations for organisations to ensure they and their team are well-equipped and resilient during a crisis and moving from working to optimised.

Avoiding the cloud cost spiral: Be wary of overloading on apps that get forgotten

Geof Robinson, Chief Information Security Officer


Cloud services have been quick to become the standard within businesses. While they offer huge benefits, they come with additional considerations.

Get your head in the clouds: The key benefits of cloud services to your small business

Geof Robinson, Chief Information Security Officer


Cloud computing is not just the future – it has already well and truly become the business standard. And those who have yet to adopt the technology are facing the consequences now more than ever.

The importance of readable data structures

Mark Honeychurch, Developer


Especially when writing software that others are either going to have to edit, or may be expected to edit in the future, it's good to use variable/key names that properly describe their function.

The Unicorn that Got Away

Geof Robinson, Chief Information Security Officer


Many entrepreneurs are looking for that killer app that kicks off their Unicorn company, and launches them into the stratosphere.