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Nurse Call Systems

Designed by Caregivers, for Caregivers

We can link caregivers and patients in real-time, enhancing the care you give, improving patient quality of life, and ensuring management has the information they need to streamline their workflow and the level of care for each patient.

The numbers speak for themselves; with over 5000 installations in more than 60 countries, and over three decades of nurse call experience in hospitals and aged-care facilities, Austco is perfectly placed to offer flexible support to you in your mission to provide the best care for your patients.

How Telesmart can facilitate collaboration within your team

To receive the full benefits of Austco's nurse call system technology, you need Telesmart. Why? Telesmart is an authorised Austco reseller in New Zealand. We connect Austco's healthcare solutions into a cohesive unit that will match your needs. In other words, we pull it all together to make sure everything is working beautifully – something that other companies often neglect to do.

How can Austco's nurse call system benefit your business?

Improve a range of infection control protocols

As infectious viruses such as COVID-19 continue to spread globally and impact emergency, aged care and other healthcare facilities around the world, it is crucial to choose technology solutions that can help your organisation combat the spread of infection. The Tacera Nurse Call System is designed with functions and features that provide infection prevention and control assistance in healthcare facilities, including antibacterial silicon buttons, spray and wipe maintenance, and dip-sterilisable features.

Mobile-first approach makes carers' lives easier

Our nurse call solution offers a mobile-first approach that gives nurses and medical staff access to virtual workflow buttons that let them trigger call points such as 'needs water, transport, cleaning' directly from a mobile app. Easy to install and operate, it provides seamless communication designed to assist and improve the work environment.

Nurses can also receive alarms from patients and locations assigned to them. For example, if a resident misses check-in after a pre-defined period, a push notification alerts can be sent to the assigned nurse's device. 

Staff always know which alarms need attention, and can take several actions with each alarm in the form of a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) call-back – accept, reject or escalate – in an emergency. The Austco system is simple to integrate and install, offers world-class security, and has an easy to work with design.

Revolutionary design gives control back to patients and improves care

Residents can use a controller to make calls and speak to their nurse directly, while other technologies, such as the pillow speaker, provide full duplex audio, working just like a telephone. Residents can also make a range of specific requests in addition to regular calls, like requests for pain relief, water, housekeeping or bathroom breaks, all at the push of a button. You will see the level of care in your facility noticeably improve once these systems are operational in your business.

Streamlined integration and reporting systems

The Austco system provides an open API, including world-class security features, for integration with any clinic, facility or third-party system, giving you the ability to collect data and turn it into actionable intelligence. Additionally, business intelligence tools collect and analyse nurse call data, helping caregivers and clinical leadership optimise costs and streamline workflow. Our nurse call system offers a robust solution that can suit New Zealand emergency departments, hospitals and aged-care facilities.

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