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Your Solution for Effortless Tollfree Numbers

Are you looking for toll-free numbers that are reliable and easy to manage? Do you need the flexibility and automation to be able to route your calls intelligently, so that you never miss a customer. Or are you missing out on crucial insights due to a lack of reporting metrics? Look no further! Our Tollfree Number Manager is here to revolutionise the way you handle your toll-free calls.

What is our toll-free number manager?

Our Tollfree Number Manager portal is an intuitive and easy-to-use browser-based platform. It gives you direct access to view and control how your tollfree numbers deliver their calls in real-time. Our platform also offers a selection of call reports which can give you valuable information about the calls you receive.

Whether you already have one or more tollfree customer service numbers, or you’re looking to establish your presence with a tollfree service, we can help you out. No additional software or hardware is needed.

How does it work?

Your customers dial the toll-free number (0800 xxx xxx or 0508 xxx xxx) across New Zealand. Or they call 1300 xxx xxx or 1800 xxx xxx throughout Australia. Your toll-free number then seamlessly directs calls to your chosen destination, whether that be a phone line, voicemail or more.

Ensure your customers’ enquiries are answered promptly, by answering their call through your preferred channels.

When a customer calls you, the call can be directed to any office or home phone. More than one number can be used for this, ensuring that someone will always be there to answer the call.

Your sales representatives can receive customer calls on their mobile while they’re on the move.

International numbers
Wherever you are in the world, you can expand your reach to new countries, and open up new potential markets, via local freephone numbers for both Australia and New Zealand.

Ensure that calls after hours go straight to voicemail, so that your staff can follow up when they’re next available.

Have incoming messages attached to an email, to minimise disruption if you’re dealing with clients all day.

What if I already have a free phone number?

No problems! If you’re looking to take advantage of our advanced dashboard, but you already have your number with an existing provider, we can port your number across. This process will take about 10 working days, and all we’ll need from you are a few details about your number.

Before the switchover day, we’ll help you make sure everything is configured on our dashboard so that, when the time comes, the change is seamless and you don’t lose a single call. And, once your number has been ported to us, you can enjoy all the benefits of our modern, flexible system.

Why do I need a Manager for my toll-free numbers? 

Whether you’re already using toll-free numbers, but want to get more out of them such as advanced scripting, high availability and robustness, or this is your first toll-free number and you're looking for improved company visibility, we offer advanced features for easy administration and reporting, regardless of your location in New Zealand, Australia, or beyond, and whatever your monthly call level, from emergency calls only through to high volume hotlines.

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Easy Administration

Avoid the complexities of managing your tollfree service through legacy systems or change requests. Our cloud portal offers a user-friendly experience, streamlining administrative tasks like never before.

Comprehensive Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your call activities with our comprehensive selection of call reports. Analyse marketing campaign impacts, identify and monitor peak calling periods, and track call volumes effortlessly.

Advanced Configuration

Bid farewell to limitations with our feature-rich solution. From in-built call recording for analysing customer interactions to disaster recovery options for resilient uninterrupted communication, we've got you covered.

Business Continuity

Avoid the risk of missing important calls during an outage or disaster by being able to quickly redirect your incoming calls to a new phone, mobile or even call centre or contact centre, immediately.

Need to know more?

Download our Number Manager Product Overview to discover more advanced features that can benefit your business.

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Yes, our Tollfree Number Manager allows you to point your freephone number to a mobile number, landline number, a group of two or more numbers, email or voicemail. Changing to a different number at any time can be done quickly and easily through the web-based Number Manager dashboard.

Yes, you can either setup separate call flow routing for each of your freephone numbers, or you can have multiple freephone numbers use the same call flow.

To call an Australian toll-free number (1300 or 1800) from New Zealand, your customers simply need to enter the country code before dialing. This would be either 0061 1300 XXX XXX or 0061 1800 XXX XXX.

To call a New Zealand toll-free number (0800 or 0508) from overseas, your customers simply need to enter the country code before dialling. This would be either 0064 0800 XXX XXX or 0064 0508 XXX XXX.

The process usually takes 10 working days, although if there are complications it may take a little longer. We will keep you informed through the entire process, and give you a cutover date as soon as it's available.

You can reach out directly to your account manager, or call 0800 TELESMART (0800 835376) to talk to our helpdesk staff who will be able to forward your call to the relevant engineer.

We will need a list of your freephone numbers that you would like to be ported, an invoice from your current provider and, if not on your invoice, your existing provider’s name, your account name and your account number.

A freephone or toll-free Smart Number (also known as a vanity number or phoneword) allows callers to dial a by pressing letters on a telephone keypad - for instance 0800 TELESMART (which translates to 0800 835376). Smart numbers not only enhance phone number memorability, but also offer added brand exposure.

There is usually no disruption to inbound calling during the porting process. However the official handover period between the start and completion of the number port is usually 2 hours, and this will be completed at some point between 11am and 4pm (New Zealand time) on Monday to Thursday each week.

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